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Costa Del Almeria - The rugged, mountainous coast










Whether you are an aspiring writer or a poet, or an accomplished one - when you need a break, a Writer's Retreat or a Writing Holiday can do wonders for you.

On a cold October morning, when the clouds were dark and tearful, I instantly decided that I had enough of the miserable weather.  I could do something about it.

I packed my bag and  jetted off to Costa Del Almeria.  Sunny Spain is so .. wonderful.  

I was thoroughly excited when we landed at the airport.  The coach cruised along from the airport to my writer's retreat in around one hour.  

The scenery was just amazing.  Fruit farms, fresh fields and majestic mountains lined the route.  

This was definitely very refreshing.  I could  feel fresh oxygen feeding my brain.  The writer's block had disappeared like magic.  

My mind was already planning pages and chapters and I hadn't even reached the writer's resort yet.

When I reached my destination, the first thing I enjoyed were the breathtaking sea views - and a gorgeous cup of coffee.  And then another one. 

I wasn't going to start working straight away - this was Spain and people take it nice and easy here.  

I didn't write one word that day - intentionally.  

The next morning, I woke up just in time to marvel at the spectacular sunrise - and wow! what bedside sea views.  

From then on, the writing flowed like the healthiest, cleanest river.  Once again, I was glad that I was a Writer and a Poet.  

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